Saturday & Sunday, 11:00 am- 7:00 pm
February 21 & 22, 2015
Viet Hoa Center @ Beltway 8 Plaza – 8388 W. Sam Houston Parkway South



2015 Program Schedule will be posted early in the New Year!


2014 Performance Program Schedule

Saturday, February 8
11:30 Welcome! – Red Envelope Ceremony! Vican Tan Sun
12:00 VIETV New Year Performance
12:30 Phale AO DAI Showcase
1:00 Thien Sinh Hoi Zenobics Society Tai Chi Ensemble
1:30 Changlu Wu Music Ensembles – Chinese Pipa & Zheng
2014 Grand Marshal: The Honorable Judge Theresa Chang
Jim Murphy, Texas State Representative
Richard Nguyen, Houston City Council Member
Chris Daniel, Harris County District Clerk
Mike Sullivan, Harris County Tax Assessor
Major Michael Wong, Harris County Sheriff’s Office
2:30 La Vang Lion Dance & Firecrackers!
3:00 Ari Rang – Korean Classical Dance Ensemble
3:30 GDPT Linh Son NW Temple Lion Dance & Firecrackers!
4:00 Houston Songshan Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Martial Arts
4:30 Vien Thong Lion Dance & Firecrackers!
5:00 Linh Son SW Temple Son Long Lion & Dragon w/ Firecrackers
5:30 Lend A Hand Lion Dance Team & Firecrackers!
6:00 Happy New Year!
Sunday, February 9
12:00 Hoi Kien Giang, Houston – Vietnamese Traditional New Year Music
12:30 Welcome! Red Envelope Ceremony! Vican Tan Sun
1:00 Phale AO DAI Showcase
1:25 VAN-TV New Year Greetings
1:30 Vovinam – Vietnamese Martial Arts
The Honorable Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston
Gene Wu, Texas State Representative
Mike Laster, Houston City Council Member
Richard Nguyen, Houston City Council Member
Assistant Chief John Chen, Houston Police Department
Neeta Sane, HCC Board Member, Board of Trustees
2:30 Phap Luan Lion Dance Team & Firecrackers!
3:00 Korean Farm Dance Ensemble – Traditional Ceremonial Blessings
3:30 Teo Chew Temple Lion & Dragon Dance with Firecrackers
4:00 Happy Dance – Chinese Traditional Dance
4:30 Teo Chew Temple Dragon Dance & Firecrackers
5:00 RMD Okinawa Taiko Drum Dances
5:30 Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Lion Dancers & Firecrackers!
6:00 Happy New Year!


Download the 2014 Lunar New Year Houston Performance Program:

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