Lunar New Year Houston

Super Lunar New Year 2017

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Super Bowl Weekend!

February 4-5, 2017 / 10:30 am - 6:00 pm

Year of the Fire Rooster - sponsored in part by the generous support of
The Brown Foundation and The Strake Foundation.

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Lunar New Year Houston Awarded Top Festival 2016 !

Dubbed the largest Asian celebration in the state, this visually striking Lunar New Year Festival in Houston is a Texas-sized Asian New Year extravaganza showcasing the rich diversity of the region. This two-day signature event features the authentic New Year tradition with 100+ Lions & Dragons dancing amid ferocious fireworks, world-class martial arts, tempting egg rolls, sweet rice & BBQ, drum performances, KidZone inflatables, […]

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Super Lunar New Year – Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

Prepare for a Year of Consequential Fowls!

The Rooster. The Phoenix. The Wild Goose Chases…

Our mercurial Monkey Year, chaotic & competitive, with its manifest mischief, leads us to this consequential Year of the Red Fire Rooster.

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2016 Year of the Red Fire Monkey

This Fire Monkey Year focuses more powerful karmic Yang energy on success for the Individual with personal initiative, not for the Group. This Year favors fortune for quick minds with brave hearts. Ingenuity, inventiveness and intrinsic insight will reap unexpected rewards for incisive risk-taking. The ingenuity energy of this Year rewards those who dare to be different. Original thinkers, with smart, unconventional solutions are destined to succeed in this Red Fire Monkey Year!

The Red Fire Monkey Year is chaotic, dynamic, challenging and intensely competitive! Its exuberant high-speed pace accelerates progress & change in all life areas- business, technology, relationships, family & even in glacial government bureaucracies.

Advances in technology and communications across all human endeavors explode in unexpected success. Changes will come fast and furious, leaving many unsettled and uneasy; challenging others to compete as never before.

This is a time to re-evaluate old thinking, both in business and relationships. This is the prime opportunity to re-organize and re-evaluate our approach to stubborn problems and run with new ideas. Embrace the chaos. Trust your instincts.

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The Lunar New Year Story in Houston

In 1930, there were fewer than 30 Chinese in Houston. By then, Houston’s Chinatown had moved from its original location at 600 Texas Avenue to the southeastern outskirts of town on Chartres Street at Rusk Avenue.

The On Leong Chinese Merchants’ building in Houston’s then-new Chinatown became the venue for the City’s first community Lion Dance celebrations for Lunar New Year. Endless strings of Lucky Red Firecrackers were suspended atop the green tiled roof. The three-story building housed the community’s elaborate Ancestors Altar, civic meeting & banquet space, as well as the ‘old bachelors’ living quarters. By 1950, there were just an estimated 1,000 Chinese Houstonians.

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Past Year’s Stories

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Great Race for the 12 Creatures of the Zodiac

How the Animals came to the Zodiac It is told that the Buddha, or in some stories, the Jade Emperor of Taoist divinity, sent forth Invitation to the Great Event.  It was the invitation to the ultimate competition for Animals that might be named to the Zodiac for All Time.  It would be the Great […]